Photo Tour

River near Baucau

Fields near Baucau

Tour the island in an UNTAET helicopter

Downtown Dili, January 2000

Downtown Dili near the main cathedral

Downtown Dili around the stadium

Downtown Dili, January 2000

Downtown Dili, January 2000

A typical Dili house

Back of the house, typical fire damage

District road

East Timor begins reconstruction

Results of reconstruction: UNTAET Post office, BNU and future Portuguese Mission building

Transitional Administration's building in the former Governor's Building

Dili port

Dili port container area

Olympia and Amos floating hotels

Dili stadium

Telecoms satellite dishes

National telecommunications HQ building, UNTAET

Catamarans facing the Jesus statue on the point, Dili Harbour

Boy fishing in the rain, Liquica

Yacht at sunrise, Dili harbour

Northern coastline near Baucau

River and town near Baucau

River near Baucau

Buffalo in Tibar, Liquica

Horses in downtown Dili

Friends laughing en route to Aileiu

Dili market

Millennium nativity scene, Tibar, Liquica

Sunset at Manatuto

Excellent customer service at the new modern Dili post office